faiyh 686

Over the past few weeks I've been planning my first trip abroad.A trip that
would prove to me and anyone else who knows me that I'm beyond any sort of
limits. But as you can already guess, it didn't work out otherwise I wouldn't be her
pouring out my sorrows by writing, which I do a lot by the way if I'm sad
or you know that disappointing feeling that just elicits all your pent up 
Yes hat feeling.
When I woke up in the morning I just had this sinking feeling, I couldn't 
particularly place it.I wasn't sad or excited, I just was. Moving through 
the motions of life with a normalcy. Breathing.Eating. Sneezing.
Until that eureka moment everything seems to happen at once, in matter of
a second, rather in a flash, everything changes.
And I wasn't going anymore, a series of reasons rushing through in a daze,
a numbness consumed me, and I held my breath hoping it was a faux, but no.
I let out a shaky breath, and realization dawned. And I felt as if my heart
could beat again , and even stronger that before. It made me stronger
in the most unexpected way. I could actually handle that! You see,
I thought I was lucky, I've mostly fared on with life watching others live
and get dejected, yet I couldn't see myself in such a place... I was at a
certain comfort zone.
But well, here I am with a heartache and a gloomy face.
I should have heard it. The evil song. The looming darkness, but the music o
Of hope and goodwill deafened me to listen to the other war cries.I ignored 
my gut. I did.
If anything I should not have trusted the face of the condescending brutal 
man who led me to this fate.I should have ignored his chills, but did not
and that's all I can say for myself. I'm naive and too trusting.
You could wonder, and what will I do after this? I will move on.The sun 
will still rise and set there will be a greater time That I'm sure about.
I'ts just one of many disappointments that will come my way. I will
keep trying and no, I won't feign which goes to say how fickle life is. It
speaks to the brittleness of life. The uncertainty of it all. We are all



One thought on “Heartache

  1. Hey Faith, read the above and what can I say? You have what they call talent to write! Of course, you will do very well in your life. We are meant to overcome disappointments all the time. That’s the only reason God allows our hearts to be broken. He mends them, and for Him, it is an opportunity meant for our Good.

    Keep soldering on little sister!!

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